“Lauren is a phenomenal coach- honestly the best I have ever worked with. She listens and uses intuition and deep understanding to get to what is really effecting me. Being sensitive herself she has an innate understanding of myself as I am also very sensitive. She unearthed my issues in the first couple of sessions and then we spent and continue to spend our time working through them. We have created lists of action steps which is so satisfying! I feel through our sessions that I have been heard and are ready for re-entry back into my life.”

Becca A.

“Working with Lauren was incredible. The best couples and emotional counseling we have ever received was from Lauren. She is incredible and we healed both mentally and emotionally by working with her. Thank you is not enough, she really helped to heal some problems that we needed to work on in order to live the life that we want to live, have the relationships we want and be the people we want to be.”

Kim & Brad K.

“Lauren is an outstanding therapist. She is empathetic, skilled and loving! She helped me resolve issues that seemed too big and ugly to ever be worked out. I worked one on one with Lauren around some huge issues that were so negatively effecting my life that often I thought about worst case scenario. I learned a tremendous amount and strategies for interrupting dead end, negative responses.”

Diane W.