"Once I could not find my way out of the darkness, and put walls between myself and those beside me, expecting that no one would reach me there.  Somehow Lauren found a thread others could not.  That is her GIFT.  Amidst the trauma and the grief that I refused to feel, she felt it with me.  She listened deeply not only to my words, but the feelings behind them which confused me.  She urged me to feel them for what they are and find a meaning for them.  I am forever grateful for her professional aid, and urge anyone searching for guidance to consult with her."

Brent S.

Serena C.

"I'm not sure there are words to express the gratitude I feel for Lauren and the way she's assisted me to grow into my fullest self.  Lauren has offered invaluable guidance and space since our first session that has allowed me to shed past trauma, work on current relationships, grow my business and ultimately become the woman I am today.  What I love about Lauren's sessions are that she meets me with where I'm at no matter what state I show up in~ she does so by being intuitive and empathetic and utilizing a wide array of therapies and goal setting techniques.  In the 2years since I've been seeing Lauren I have worked on family issues, cultivated a healthy and wonderful relationship.  
Lauren's style of therapy mixed with lifecoaching isn't anything I have ever experienced before.


Image by Gabriel Silvério
Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Kim & Brad K.

Diane W.

"It was about 2 years ago that I was just at such a defeated time in my life.  I didn't feel grounded, balanced or centered.  Life experiences that I was wishing for and craving were just not happening but yet was happening to others' around me.

I had a few initial calls with life coaches, but it wasn't until I met with Lauren that I knew right there and then that she was the life coach I needed emotionally and spiritually.  She was the cure to help me get back on my feet and shift my perspective into one that was full of light and positivity.

With Lauren's guidance I was able to manifest great growth in many aspects of my life.

Lauren always made time to talk with me outside of our regular scheduled appointments for times that I urgently needed her support and guidance.  This meant A LOT to me.

My friends comment on my positive growth and how amazing my energy is, which is incredible to hear.  

If you are looking for an exceptional and amazing life coach, then Lauren is the life coach for you.  I absolutely HIGHLY recommend Lauren!"

Barbra P.

Barbara W.

Lauren is truly incredible. She utilizes an array of techniques during your sessions, along with giving you the tools you need during your daily life to really heal core issues or self-limiting beliefs. I have worked on family issues, ended a toxic relationship, cultivated a healthy and wonderful relationship, skyrocketed my business and leadership skills and most importantly dropped my lifelong anxiety and self doubt so that I can express as my true self every single day. Cannot recommend her enough.

Jenna S.