Licensed Psychotherapist and Director of Coaching


Lauren is a dedicated and empathetic coach for families and spouses of loved ones on the spectrum. She is the previous Director of Coaching at the world-renowned Asperger Experts and prior to that worked with couples and combat vets with PTSD. What both of these populations have in common is the need to understand what is and has happened to them, to find a symbiosis with the people in their lives, to feel heard and accepted and have steps to move forward in life in a way that feels comfortable for them.


Lauren utilizes a deep-listening and heartfelt approach combined with years of proven techniques and tried-and-true skills to help her clients regain footing, find confidence, create new and successful communication techniques and move forward in life.


She is the creator of many courses such as Finding a Job When You Have Asperger’s, How to Maneuver High School on the Spectrum, as well as Creating Relationships and Understanding of Your Loved One on the Spectrum. Lauren has worked with families around the world to help them learn to communicate, understand how the brain and nervous system of someone on the spectrum works and strive to help each family create a plan specific to their individual



Lauren was on the board of a live weekly interactive panel that streamed shows on Facebook to thousands of clients worldwide helping them make strides in a forward motion for the first time in their lives.  Clips of some of these can be seen on the next page.


                  She looks very forward to meeting you.

My wife and I saw Lauren for couples counseling.  I am on the spectrum and she is neurotypical. Lauren Sznip was by far the best coach that we have ever worked with.  We received such good information on how my body and brain work. We learned new communication skills and techniques on how to better relate to each other.  I am grateful for having found her.” (Jim S.)

“We have been struggling for years to find help with our son who is terrified of leaving the house and has a huge fear of certain foods.  We have been to many counselors and haven’t found any to help his fears. Lauren was able to get to the bottom of his sensory overload, and that his fears had to do with feelings of lack of control.  She worked with us to come up with techniques to help his overwhelm and his fears started to disappear. I am thrilled to report he is now not only leaving the house but able to manage social situations in a way that works for him!”  (Amy, Dustin R. and family)