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South Denver Psychotherapy

The mind is a masterpiece with very few limitations. Like an artist at work, the mind can paint pictures of past moments, interpret real time events, or create its own rendition of the future, which has not yet been determined.


When you combine these capabilities of the mind, along with the many unfortunate life circumstances and challenges that can come without warning, this can make a person vulnerable to all sorts of undesirable mental consequences.


This can include problems in coping with daily life, depression, anxiety, and an overall feeling of helplessness. These mental challenges are more common than most people may think, but there is much needed help available -- and it starts with psychotherapy.


In2mesee is your trusted South Denver psychotherapy source. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the method of using verbal communication to help individuals treat various forms of mental or emotional health problems. Over the course of multiple sessions, a psychotherapist interprets the information provided by the client and provides techniques and alternate ways of thinking to assist with changing any destructive thoughts or behavioral patterns being experienced by the client.


How Does South Denver Psychotherapy Work?

One of the most important steps in the process of psychotherapy is building a trusting relationship between the psychologist and client. Once this relationship has been solidified, the client can proceed with providing a complete and detailed account of past experiences or present circumstances, which may be triggering their current mental or emotional challenges.


Once armed with this important information, the therapist can devise a plan using various techniques to help clients overcome these roadblocks and on to a better quality of life.


How Effective Is Psychotherapy?


The success of psychotherapy is largely dependent on how vulnerable, courageous and open a client can be when interacting with the therapist. Similar to visiting a primary physician, if you don't provide an accurate account of your symptoms, your doctor will be at a disadvantage when trying to come up with a diagnosis and potential cure.


If a client is truly open and comfortable with providing an accurate account of their mental or emotional challenges, then the psychotherapy sessions can be highly effective.


With the effort of an experienced therapist, science shows that psychotherapy works better and is more enduring than medication when it comes to long-term results. In many cases, psychotherapy led to fewer relapses of anxiety and mild depression when compared to using medication alone.


Types of Psychotherapy

Behavioral Therapy - Is a term to describe a broad range of techniques used to help eliminate unwanted behavior and reinforce a more desirable behavioral pattern.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - This falls under the umbrella of behavioral therapy. This therapy focuses on the link between our thoughts and our actions. It is intended to help clients change their negative thought patterns that can be the catalyst to any unproductive behavior.

Cognitive Therapy - A specific type of therapy used by Therapists to understand the behavior, thoughts, and emotional state of a client in order to provide treatment.

Humanistic Therapy - Is a therapy method, which emphasizes a client's positive traits, behaviors, and self-acceptance. These positive attributes are used to help promote wisdom, growth, and healing within the client. This type of therapy will not only assist with treating a specific mental or emotional condition, but also helps a client on a more holistic level.

Psychoanalytic Therapy - Is a form of therapy based on understanding the unconscious mental processes that determine a client's thoughts, actions and feelings. It can specifically examine how a client's experiences may be contributing to their current actions.

Benefits of Psychotherapy




The benefits of psychotherapy are plentiful when it comes to assisting clients with overcoming mental or emotional challenges.

For many clients, just opening up and telling someone they trust their mental struggles is half the battle. Getting this out in the open usually offers instantaneous relief.


In addition, having someone on a professional level that can understand their problems and offer potential solutions is without a doubt a wonderful proposition for any client. There are additional benefits listed below.

  • Helps clients find resolutions to ongoing issues

  • Identifies client's thinking patterns and helps improve their coping mechanisms

  • Identifies and helps to overcome the source of mental pain or anxiety

  • Can offer a fresh perspective on life

  • Can assist with improving client's personal relationships

  • Can help eliminate destructive behavioral patterns

  • Can offer hope for client's caught in a vicious cycle of anxiety or depression


What To Consider When Looking For a Therapist?

It is extremely important to research and find a therapist that you are comfortable speaking with and can trust to hear all your deeply personal mental struggles.


Having a preliminary conversation with a therapist can help you determine your comfort level and whether or not you should proceed with scheduling further sessions. Here are other things to consider when looking for a therapist.

  • What are their credentials and experience as a therapist?

  • Does the therapist specialize in treating any specific conditions?

  • What approach does the therapist plan to take when helping you?

  • Does the therapist have experience in treating individuals in your same age group?

  • How can the therapist ensure the meetings will be strictly confidential?

  • How will progress be assessed?

  • What happens if the sessions don't appear to be helping?

  • What methods or techniques does the therapist normally use with clients?


Why Choose Our Services?

Dealing with the ups and downs of life can be a monumental challenge for anyone. Unfortunate circumstances can lead many into the depths of insecurity, anxiety, depression, and an overall sense of helplessness.


Here at In2mesee Psychotherapy, we, without question, know the heavy burden that these destructive feelings can have on a person. It is our desire, goal and unmitigated obligation to assist any clients with gaining control of their lives and offering hope for the future. When you combine dedication, experience, and a large dose of empathy, you have no choice but to receive a world-class therapy session.

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