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Intuitive Action Based Psychotherapist,  Life Coach

     My name is Lauren Sznip.  I am passionate about what I do! Understanding what moves each

individual is what moves me.  I believe there is no greater gift than connecting with another person, and I am privileged to do this every day.  I am dedicated to a deep-listening and heartfelt approach combined with neuro-somatic techniques to help people regain footing, find confidence, create new and successful communication techniques and move forward in life.

   I have trained in advanced techniques to support people struggling with Trauma, Grief, Relationship  communication challenges and ASD.


   For 2 years I worked on relationship and communication retreats in Angel Fire, NM at the National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center with combat vets and their families. I was privileged in that I worked with some of who served in Vietnam and Desert Storm and I discovered what true strength, honor and brotherhood are. These women and men taught me as much as I helped them. This experience gave me the platform I use for all of my clients who are dealing with PTSD and trauma today


 A few years later my journey took me to Seattle where I worked at the world renowned Asperger Experts as their Director and Director of Therapy.   I was part of a dynamic and cutting edge team of ASD individuals creating educational videos, writing materials and helping thousands of people find answers to their struggles from around the world. This work was exciting and we made a number of breakthroughs which gave me a unique insight and ability to translate between the autistic and

neuro-typical worlds.  I work closely with doctors, teachers and family's in this arena today.

    In addition to 2 Bachelors degrees in Business and Psychology I am currently working towards my Master's degree. I have over 200 hours in certifications focusing on PTSD, trauma, attachment disorders, communication, sexology and relationship communications. 

     I am considered a thought leader and international speaker with comprehensive experience and success leveraging innovative methods and applications surrounding ASD, trauma, grief, relationships and communication.

     In addition to Psychotherapy I work as a Life Coach to help those that are looking to organize their lives and have someone to be accountable to.  Oftentimes the combination of therapy and life coaching  connect in the middle and I do both to create a balance both in people's physical and emotional lives. 

     When I'm not coaching, I spend my life just outside of Boulder Colorado enjoying my free time discovering the artistic side of Colorado, taking on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains and engaging with every canine I can get my hands on.


"I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive. I will help you feel calm and connected once again."  Lauren Sznip

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