Let me guide you out of the Darkness

"Lauren is an intuitive therapist and life guide that heals people's hearts and souls, she has been a Godsend" Genie G.

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Let me be your life raft, light and ladder to bring you out of the darkness that you are in.  Imagine, having control over your life and owning the tools you need to deal with the challenges that have come your way. If you are struggling with relationships, PTSD, anxiety, trauma,  or just lost. I have had the unique fortune to help people in all of these areas and look forward to helping you. Imagine what it would be like to be happy wthin your own skin, your life and those around you.  Intimacy won't be a scary word but a new definition of being seen and an empowered way of seeing your yourself (In 2 Me See).


We all have one thing in common "Life happens when we are busy making other plans," and some of the time we aren't equipped to deal with the things that life may throw at us. Oftentimes we shove them down inside hoping they will go away until they become too much, or sometimes they paralyze us.  I am knowledgeable, equipped and skilled at not only helping you to understand what is happening but to guide you to get your arms wrapped around the issue and to conquer it.  Getting you on the other side and feeling centered and strong once again.

I utilize both neuroscience-based tools blended with somatic psychotherapy to help people process their experiences in a way that feels manageable and eases the stress on the body and the brain so that therapy is an experience that enhances your life.  If you are dealing with: depression, trauma, self-esteem issues, health issues, relationship challenges, life course confusion, self-awareness and growth, spiritual malaise or any number of the 100's of things that we are challenged with; even the strongest among us can sometimes feel lost, despondent, ambivalent, or unhappy.

I will help you understand and walk with you on the deep dive to get on the other side of whatever challenges you are dealing with. I believe we all seek to live a balanced life, but at times there are things that stand in the way.  Trust me, I've been there and you are not alone.


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